Scalloway was the ancient capital of Shetland. It's a thriving port, serving the local fishing industry, as well as a growing amount of activity within the oil and gas sector.


Its wartime connections are an important part of Shetland's more recent history, as the village served as the base for the Shetland Bus. This was a clandestine operation during World War Two, providing a vital link between the UK and Nazi-occupied Norway.


The Scalloway Museum recounts the story, as well as providing an interesting insight into life in the village through the ages.


You can also visit Scalloway Castle, for which we are the key holders.


The area is rich in archaeology, and nearby beaches, including Meal and Bannamin, are well worth a visit.


Both loch and sea fishing can be arranged, and both 9-hole and 18-hole golf courses can be found within three miles of the village: Shetland Golf Club / Asta Golf Club


The Scalloway Leisure Centre is within walking distance, offering a swimming pool and steam room, and there are numerous interesting walks around the village.

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